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People who edit urban dictionary and happen to be sexy
guy 1:Damn u look like a editor.php!
girl:Thanks all my life I never thought i could look as good as a editor.php.
by sexy teenager December 08, 2007
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The editor.php means "The editor who love Urban dictionary and want to help others, in refrence of slang words and tell to them about it,too".

The editor.php means- editor(who).people (who)help people!
In a party- a young couple.
Guy1: Hey honey! come here and now meet to mr editor.p h p!!!
Gult'z: hello! "How are you?".
Guy2: I am fine mam!.
Gult'z: is it honey,that you talk about?
Guy1: Yes it is "editor.php"
by J.S.Punnee May 26, 2008
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