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To click "Don't publish"Β  on a few definitions for no reason other than some random "editor" just voted "Don't publish" on the excremental definition that the "editor" just attempted to get published. The only redeming point of the practice is most definitions tend to be nonsense sentence fragments from someone with either a 3rd grade education or little to no comprehension of the English language.

Not to be confused with an EDITOR who are usually well spoken individuals whose job is correcting, condensing, and making suggestions on how to improve other peoples written material.
"Damn, my definition didn't get published. I'm gonna edi-turd every one i can from the reject link."
by NotDrunkInAPub January 28, 2013
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1. An Editor who is full of shit. A shitty editor. A bullshit editor. An editor who sucks at editing.

2. Doing a shitty job at editing material.
1. These Urban Dictionary Editurds are full of shit.

2. Dude1: Did they review your submission?
Me: Na! they just Editurd my shit; those lazy fucks!
by Steve Stephalonavich February 17, 2013
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