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The methods used by government or those in power to make those pesky poorer people get up and move from the geographic place they live. It could be higher property assessments, highways through poor neighborhoods, higher costs for food, shelter, and even water. If poor people can't live in a certain area then economic cleansing has occurred. It is often subtle and no one ever admits to doing it. It is the final market solution to poverty in any growth oriented prosperous forces ethnic cleansing gentrification progress
The city of Leander engaged in economic cleansing when it raised city water rates so high that poor residents couldn't afford the water bill. The Health Dept. said they can't live in a trailer, where they lived for 30 years, without their city water hookup. They must move. They have been economically cleansed by the city council.
by Caveman Z August 11, 2008
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