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A massif Runescape clan that pwnt rune raiders recently becuz rune raiders had irl issues from aidz an keept laughin at echo of silence members rl pics. thus resultin in a mass poonage of echo of silent team raping roon raid0rz in their hairy e-pussies in wildy. rr started off with small e-penis then we beat them up so hard they turned into e-pussy echo of silence is another word for total domination of roonscape. echo of silence has been the best since jesus was a little kid. it can also be used as a form of competishon. EoS means "to pwn" and they pwn alright. THEY PWN YOU SON. echo of silence comes from the latin meaning "echo of silence" which means what it says.... there is no sound, but there is an echo of sound, if u dun get it u shud ask yor parent.
random guy : how did RR go against EOs the other day?
#rseos : RR got totally Echo of Silenced!
by dk_son July 31, 2007
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