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economics of the ghetto. Follows the prices of but not limited to: Drugs, ho's, fire arms,bling bling and a standard car pimping. Follows the standard rules of economics but cometition can often decrease when a new enterprise pulls out its 9 and busts a cap in the ass of a existing enterprise. For more on ebonomics read Tyrone McGrizzles new book "from scrubin' tubs to rollin on dubbs: a new look at economics,mother fucker"
Ebonomics will eventually take over the standard issue economics as society falls into a pit of shame.
by matt dold December 22, 2004
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The language of "the ghetto"
(the stuff defined on this website)
Ghetto Person: "YO! I was fuckin this ho yadadamean last nite. it was da shit! i had 2 lines before yadadamean!"

Preppy Person to 2nd Prep: "Hmmm... I believe he is speaking in the language of ebonomic"
by hyped-up-on-E April 26, 2007
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