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A language based loosely on English which combines elements of Southern rural working class drawl and cutting edge, gangsta rap euphemisms. Created by and comprehended almost exclusively by lily white teens and twenty-somethings who wish deeply to be black, but will "fuck your shit UP" if you were to even insinuate such a sentiment in their presence.
Ebonhick is the official language of many southern suburban high school communities. To hear a sample in person, simply approach any non-latino you see driving a pick-up and playing hip hop music audible from more than 5 feet outside the vehicle.
ebonhick is spoken by wiggers, as in the following:

wigger: "yo, man. my shit's all fucked up. i need y'all ta ride me down so i can get a money order ta pay my rent. tomorrow's the tenth"

white kid: "okay. what's wrong with your truck? are the rims too heavy?"

wigger: "i dunno man. i crunk it an it jess died."
by coltrane66 March 14, 2011
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