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Internet Slang for "Eat a Bowl Of F*(&" (expletive deleted).
Something to type when a response is needed but you can't come up with anything good as a comeback
1: you suck man
2: UMMMM... EBOF!!!
by jcknight November 04, 2004
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Ebonics Ballaz Of Frontstreet - The most hated gang in Washingtonville, New York. The gang colors are green and black. The EBOF group was created by FoGG!3 J1NGL3$, RuGG3D B@$k3T, TY3 DY3 M1RR@, & FL@m1nG p1dg3on. Rival Gangs include, DtF, ¥æh!, The Crips, & The Latin Kings. Allie Gangs include, The Bloods & MS-13. EBOF is slowly slipping to extinction, but will always remain the most notorious gang ever started.
Dis is EBOF, we do not f**k around!
by Fatty McButterpantz (FoGG!3) January 26, 2009
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