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EAWR High School is a place that we all like to consider a polished turd. No matter how much they clean it, it's still going to be shit. It's mostly made up of wiggers, and country folk (wannabe country folk that also listen to rap), because y'know, swag. It's also a place that can buy enormous pointless fans that cost more than my dick, but can't afford AC. We consist of sports teams that have the mottos, "Well, we barely lost that one." or "We'll win next time." Our rivals are Roxana although we consider them our friends every other week, even though it's a now pointless rivalry because we no longer verse them in anything. If you come to our school, I feel sorry for you.
Guy 1: "You have enough swiggy swag to go to EAWR High School."

Guy 2: "Swag swag swag swag swag, yolo swag. Thanks swag, you my swag friend."
by Swag Crew Of 1994 March 09, 2014
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