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A tactic used in Warcraft 3 footman frenzy games. The process invovles spending the 2000 gold you have to upgrade your soldiers as oppose to buying a hero for 1900 gold (the usual tactic). It is highly debated whether this tactic, which is most likely carried over from the game this mod was based on, starcraft bunker wars (a game that featured no heros and a system that required "teching"), is second nature to starcraft vets or a cheap win tactic created by newbs. Either way, it is usually effective and destroys other low level heros for a quick start easily making it a hated tactic by "non-techers".
host: gl hf ka dd
team-mate: glhf
host: rules-no early tech, no rush 5 min
team-mate: wtf, cya.
by Jason Wilkins September 26, 2006
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