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eRelationship- noun

1.) a connection, association, or involvement primarily taking place in virtual form or becomes the main means of communication -primarily email, text messages, instant chatting and/or all forms of social networking sites

2.) a substandard form of dating commonly implemented by lazy or socially under developed individuals.

3.) a behavior that usually will lead to a future of text sex if allowed to develop, aka "Sexting"
I've been emailing and texting with the guy for weeks. He text me all day long and flirts but never calls or asks me out on an actual date. He must be trying to rope me in an eRelationship.
by bluewatersbaby April 09, 2010
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An E-Relationship, also known as internet dating, is often common around a younger generation of people, or the older lonely types. It can last if the people actually see each other every now and then, but usually it sends someone down into a spiraling depression. Often the relationship will just not go anywhere, probably one another are too far away from each other to have any sort of intimacy, making it seem like it isn't going anywhere. Hence the depression and loss of social life. It is one big emotional roller coaster if you play your cards right.
Furri #1: Hey babe, what's goood?
Furri #2: I think we have a prollem......................
Furri #1: WHAT!!1! D:
Furri #2: I'm not myself, I want to break up
Furri #1: -signs offline and cries self to sleep-
Furri #1's Friend: Told you your E-Relationship would never last. Now your turning into an emo furri.
by The Binkinator January 19, 2009
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