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The auction-version of the game "chicken" (i.e. two cars driving directly at each other):

Bidding on an item on eBay with a friend, always taking the price higher and higher. Whoever drops out first, is the eBay chicken (then again, the "winner" has to buy the item...).
Friend A: "Did you see there's a bid on an Urban Dictionary on eBay?"
Friend B: "Yeah, I want that!"
Friend A: "Me, too..."
Friend B: "Alright, buddy - time for eBay chicken."
(They begin bidding, until the price is at 2,492$)
Friend B: "Shit, that's a month's salary. I'm out..."
Friend A: "Dammit, now I gotta buy this dictionary! You suck!"
by WINNING! March 23, 2011
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