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To send out an email to a person or mailing list for whom the content of the email was not intended.

An email sent out to recipients for whom the content of the email was not intended.
1. Accidentally including someone on the recipient list for an email that speaks negatively about them.

An old friend was going to be in town and emailed a colleague and I to meet for a drink. Both the colleague and I had lukewarm feelings about this friend. I wanted to reply only to the colleague, "What do you think? I could take it or leave it," in order to gauge his interest, but I accidentally hit 'Reply to All'. The old friend never emailed or called again. I e-flubbed.

2. Signing up for an online professional or social networking service and accidentally inviting all of your contacts. My friend recently committed this e-flub, and sent out an email apology:

Dear friends,

I signed up for "(insert online networking site)" and accidentally invited everyone in my gmail contacts.

I hardly know what it is and only joined out of curiosity. I don't vouch for it in any way and I'm sorry to have junked up your inbox.

Please find it in your heart to forgive me,

(E-flub victim)
by Jonathan Libov November 16, 2007
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