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A "fake" cigarrette designed to help people quit smoking or provide a healthy alternative to smoking. E-cigarrettes contain nothing but nicotine and water vapor. Tobacco companies and the FDA are opposed to e-cigarrettes because trace amounts of carcenogens were found in e-cigarrettes made in China.

The advantages of e-cigarrettes are useless when compared to regular cigarrettes which contain over 4,000 chemicals including embalming fluid (good for dead people), and rat poison (good for people afraid of rats). Real cigarrettes are proven to cause cancer (population control) and if smoked by a pregnant person could cause serious health issues including death to a fetus (birth control).

If you ever come into contact with an e-cigarrette, be careful not to be distracted by the shiny LED light, stick to your guns and smoke that god given bowl or marajuana.
Every time you smoke an e-cigarrette, big tobacco kills a puppy.
by eva was here August 06, 2009
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