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Someone online who announces certain accomplishments or upcoming events in a public forum, such as MSN, Online games, Message boards... etc. In many instances they will just slip it in a sentence to make it subtle, when it fact it's a blatant e-advertisement. The advertising is usually sexual conquest, or just a big "to-do" list that no one else cares about but are forced to read.
Your typical e-advertiser:

*While playing a game of DotA*
Annoying player: I just got LAID everyone, everything is fucked up right now, I wanna tell this girl I love her, but I'm only in it for the pussy!


*One of your friends has changed his name on msn*
"John Doe - Going to the cottage later, then to the beer drinking contest, then to the strip club, then to the brothel YAY!"

by bigkk June 19, 2007
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