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A dykester is an amalgamation of the dyke and hipster, and a cousin of the mod. Dykesters can be seen dressed mostly as male hipsters, with the occasional femme element, such as the 1920's bob. Dykesters clash with both hipsters (because hipsters are boring breeders and therefore heteronormative) and dykes (because dykes typically have poor taste in music and fashion). Dykesters are a tiny, exclusive, but burgeoning subculture that can be expected to enter the mainstream through its own reality show in the next year or two.
Dykester 1: "Did you see Dylan at the art opening last week? She was wearing *docs* with her hoodie and blazer. Docs are so...ugh."
Dykester 2: (smoking a cigar) "I think that's grounds for dismissal."
by augusta snogthrottle February 15, 2006
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