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A sexual act involving two people, one male, and one female, where the female lays down on her back, and the fine gentleman will move his bowels atop the woman's chest.

Following the bowel movement, the woman gives the genteman, quite shamelessly, a massage of the testicles using the excrement and waste from her bosom
Once the testicles are completely caked in this mess of anal glory, the gentleman will then thank the woman for the hot mud massage. He does this by placing from behind, his filth covered balls on to the woman's face. (See Roman Helmet)
The end result from this besides a messy weiner, is a woman wearing a mask comparable to that of batman's, as well as a chest logo, its a full package, and it looks like a bat!

May take more than one try....
How would you like a dutch batman, miss?
by Fillmore Buttes August 08, 2011
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