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The dusty pigeon is a ridiculous sex act much like the pirate or the pink sock, but I think it's a bit more practical. It must be done by the man, to the woman...or another man i guess, if you're into that. It begins with something sticky. Something like syrup must be poured all over the woman's body (it will all come together later). Now continue with whatever acts you wish to perform upon each other until a point when you decide to move to the next step..this should be when you're close to jizzing. It includes absolutely BUSTING a goose down pillow across the woman's face, and emptying the contents all over the rest of her body. While she's disorientated, finish up and make sure you drop your batch in both her armpits. Now when she gets up, she'll be covered in feathers and flapping her 'wings' (much like the 2nd step of the chicken dance) trying to rid herself of the inconvenience you've placed upon her. You should have a good laugh while she sqwauks around the room.
I heard that Kara loooves the dusty pigeon..not only does she put up with it, she requests it by name.
by wisconsinlove November 22, 2007
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