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A style of street slang generally used by East Coast MCs, such as Mobb Deep, Big Noyd, Nas, Wu Tang, etc. The word dunn is said to have originated in the Queensbridge housing projects from a friend of Prodigy's whose speech impediment prevented him from pronouncing the common term 'son'. Other terms in the dunn language include word is bond, slug (bullet), and crab (coward). Mobb Deep is most commonly associated with the dunn language based on their two bootleg albums entitled 'The Dunn Language' and 'The Dunn Language Part II', and various references to it in their lyrics.
'trying to speak the dunn language, what the drilly wit that though, it ain't bangin', you hooked on Mobb phonics, infamous bonics' (from 'Quiet Storm')
by a.m.l. April 27, 2007
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