Top definition that inflicts a feeling of bad shit being piled ontop of oneself, the feeling of being overwhelmed by things being dropped on your head , such as a ton of bricks all at once while you're already underwater drowning in a tank of piranas

this can also include; dumperweek, dumpermonth, dumperlife!

2. word apparently used by online greeting card companies on cards that would otherwise be very lame indeed, but upon receiving said card it is made impossible not to burst into uncontrolled laughter. Found somewhere between "rainbows remind me of your smile.." and "..that's why we'll be friends forever and ever and ever" the word "dumperday" will sneak up on the reader and make for a very enjoyable card
1. K: I'm having such a bad day, I think I'm going to kill myself.
S: Well at least it's not a dumperday, you would already be dead!

2.Someone at the online greeting card store is going have a dumperday when they get fired for making up words to put on the cards.
by katydid00900 October 06, 2008
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