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pronounced "Dumb Fuck"
1.Anti Constitutional People tht Create Illegal Laws or Support thm with either Action or Inaction. & Allowing thier freedoms to be sold out frm under thm.
2.ppl who watch to much mainstream television & dont google,youtube , urban dictionary, online search all thier personal truths & hopes n dreams & things pertaining to thm in thier own pursuit of happiness.
3. ppl who hurt any other beings through thier actions or inactions.

Can be Cured with Wisdom Love & Knowledge,.
Someone who doesnt Defend or Teach or Know Thier Constitution . or excersize thier rights & Rights of Others.

1."wat kinda of dumfck government would print money on loan at will , .let itself b indebted to another country over 1trillion dollars & when you play thier 'Yes we Can' Speech backwards u get , ty satan.. oh yea utube/google it"..

2, "did u see wat tht dumfck posted/said/fell over down a hole n bump his head'?

3,"she was a dumfck, barely moved her ass."
by StoneOz November 26, 2009
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