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a retarded ass word that you would never utter, much like the word that is being defined now, that you thumbed up on urban dictionary. in fact, 96% of the "words" defined on this website are fucking retarded. "words" have grown into "phrases".... what the fuck is a "meme"? honestly!?! fuck it. please do not ever utter a dumb urban dictionary (dumburb) word in public, lest you wish for a boot to the head.
its been five hours, have you thought of a word to post on urban dictionary?

all i thought of was some STUPID BULLSHIT THAT NOBODY WOULD UTTER in the "urban" world, however, i came up with some witty shit that white kids who pretend to be black (wiggers, scum of society, dumbfucks, jocks) would say.

what is it?

by dumburb October 11, 2010
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