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-verb (used with object)
Dumbo Kick (verb), Dumbo Kick-ing (noun)

1. To kick a male in the crotch so hard he falls to the ground and then pulling out the lining of the victim's pockets so they look like ears.
Usually followed by a insulting phrase comparing ones penis to an elephant trunk to explain the situation literally. "You just got kicked in the trunk"

2. To kick someone in the crotch and then pull out the lining of their pockets for additional embarassment.

3. To pull a male's cock and pockets out of his pants in order to make the crotch region look like the face of an elephant, and then procede to kick the victim in the "elephant's trunk".
The two students found Joey after he was dumbo kicked, in front of the urinal with his dick and pockets hanging out. "Man, he just got kicked in the trunk!" one of the kids remarked.
by speedo_spink March 04, 2007
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