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Dumbashcrew is a crew of people that are really high. They smoke a lot of weed, and rumor has it that they are originally from denmark.

They appear anonymously on instagram under the username "dumbashcrew", but no one has ever seen their actual faces.

Directly translated from Danish, "dumbashcrew" means insanely-high-crew.
A regular every-day Dumbashcrew dialogue:

"gollum, come closer" griffin said. "pass the joint already, bitch" gollum replied. lil zod (danish slang for cigarette) observed the conversation and said "lol, im bash.". that's when the swiftest pothead of northern zealand slipped and fell into a puddle and shouted "FUCK" suddenly lil scratchy arn ended the conversation by saying nothing whatsoever and falling asleep.
by RumbleRanger January 26, 2015
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