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An annoying girl, usually a teenager who is constantly asking dumb questions about hair color preferance. Always trying to look better than the blondes and redheads. Most of them wear stupid shirts with dumb stuff written on them like "Blondes are hot, Brunettes are HOTT!" and "Blonde(which is crossed out) Brown haired beauty." They can't get over the fact that they are not the least bit unique because blonde and redhead hair colors are both recessive genes that are somewhat rare, and Brunettes are the base gene that are very common. So basically, they try to take the fact that there is nothing special or unique at all about them, and try to make it look cool. Pitiful.
Dumb Brunette: Hey look at my shirt blondie! I'm HOTT and you're just hot! Hahahahahahahahaha!
Blonde: Oh, shut up! I hate those dumb brunettes.
Redhead: Seriously.
by purplecat January 22, 2006
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