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DuckBird is a small celebrity African Grey Parrot that was originally named Ducky.

However, one day she decided that her name should be DuckBird, and so she is the 'ONLY' official DuckBird since no such official bird species actually exists in nature or fiction called a "DuckBird".

Though many people will refer to a bird that looks like a Duck, as a 'Duck Bird', this is simply because they do not know the species at the time.

DuckBird is the 'Official Mascot' for a FREE MOVIES and Entertainment website, otherwise known as DuckBird TV.

DuckBird has a twin brother, his name is Sir Grey, and his webpage is --- he is currently flying the friendly skies of Oregon looking to find his way back home with DuckBird --- who misses him very much.

Sir Grey has the same birthday (January 1996), and both were born on the Island of Maui, in the island State of Hawaii.

Both DuckBird and Sir Grey have been active as "Celebrity Mascots" since they were very young, for the associated websites and, as well as other websites. Promoting travel, good health with sprouts, and entertainment.

See promotional videos of both DuckBird and Sir Grey at;

See the official DuckBird Jingle:
Hey DuckBird.. howzit? --- Aloha DuckBird, wanna pancake? --- Whaaat? DuckBird...! --- Hey DuckBird, got some free movies? -- What's up DuckBird? --- Pronounced as; "Duck Bird" it's easy to get this right.
by SassyRV July 26, 2018
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fake like person or friend or someone who is shady or inconsistent or even unreliable some what of a bean shooter .
yo that dude is a duck bird always acting straight then when it comes down to it he bounces or makes up something,what a bird.
by Kayizzle4 January 31, 2010
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