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A more becoming synonym for bisexual, usually used by those who believe bisexuality to be considered a "trend" and seek a less over-used term. Dualsexuality is best defined as a desire or attraction for a person based on love, not gender.
I prefer to be called "dualsexual" instead of "bisexual" because I'm tired of being thought of as a 12-year-old that wants to fit in by being an outcast.
by Jodi Gehret April 04, 2008
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Someone who is attracted mutually exclusively to both sexes. A dual sexual is attracted to males approximately half the time (e.g. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays) and attracted to females the remainder of the time. This is not to be confused with "bisexuals" who are attracted to both sexes all the time.
"I think Brian is Bisexual"
"Nah bro he's dual-sexual"
by GayGiraffe September 14, 2014
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A sexual orientation in which a member of both sexes must be present in addition to a dual-sexual individual in a sexual scenario for that dual-sexual individual to become sexually aroused. Members of both sexes do not need to participate, but simply be present. For example, a dual-sexual individual could be intimate with a woman, but only if another man is present. This other man could simply sit in the corner and read the newspaper, but so long as he is there the dual-sexual individual will become aroused.
He's dual-sexual! He's not gay, but he needs a dude there to get in the mood!
by Condor Jenkins March 07, 2011
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