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The voicemail that results from drunk dialing. Often contains gibberish, cursing, music, random things, and occaisionally insults. Many times a drunkmail will contain 'Guess what?' followed by an equally stupid and pointless phrase.
"Duuuudddde, go watch Lord of the Rings. Your dad looks just like Theodan. It's cuh-razy! *pause* Peace..."

The next day:

"Hey, did you drunk dial me last night? Cause I think I got a drunkmail."

"Oh shit... What'd I say? I didn't say anything about Monica did I?"


by astargel December 18, 2006
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1. any message, whether it is a text mail, voice mail, email or even snail mail, that was created under the heavy influence of alcohol, typically involving likewise heavy emotions, nearly always sloppy.
2. a voice mail, usually very late, of "important" matters that the caller "is very serious about" that subsequently make little or no sense
3. a text mail of badly spelled words and codes for words that might as well as be hieroglyphics that is meant to be ignored generally
4. a letter received in the mail (via snail), the worst type of drunk mail, for if they went as far as writing down such emotion and sending it in the mail the next day, either the author is on a serious binge that may require help, or really fucking hates you...
My girlfriend's hot and sweet, but when she's out drinking with her friends I always get the 3 am DRUNK MAIL.

GIRL A: I did not do that.
BOY B: You so DRUNK MAILED me from your office party last year when I did not answer my phone.
by jonesyfruit January 11, 2009
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