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A cappella singing while drunk. Usually happens when members from an a cappella group are together at a party, someone has a pitch pipe, or perfect pitch and they decide to sing a song from their repertoire.
(At a party):
Dlena (drunk): "Omg!! Veeraj, what note does 'Come On Eileen' start on?"
Veeraj (sober): "We are not going to sing that right now!! It will sound like crap, I don't like to participate in drunkappella!!!"
LuLu (drunk): "It starts on a B" *sings a B because she has perfect pitch*
Lexie (drunk): "I'll count off... ready... 1, 2, 3, 4..."
...Dlena and rest of group start singing, and it is crazy amazing!
by Alexandra B May 07, 2007
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