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the seemingly sound order of thinking that leads people to absurd acts that they would never commit without previous imbibing alcohol; the reason for approximately 90 percent of DUI's and OVI's, fights, pregnancies, carpet and couch stains, existence of games where there is no winner, marriages, bulk time, gut muscles, and injuries that are funny not sad.
Dude, what happened to my mom's car... and flower bed... and dry streak sexually?

Dude, before you freak out, listen, it was totally drunk logic.
by hurdleston December 07, 2010
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The cognitive process an extremely enebriated individual uses when they:
(1) chose to do something very strange or stupid.
(2) pass words of wisdom or ideas to those around them that really aren't wise or interesting and most of the time, don't even make sense at all.
I'm waiting in line at a bar with my boyfriend, and another couple. I know the bar and bouncers so they allowed us to wait in the VIP line. My boyfriend's friend, who is btw already completely hammered, turns around to a random guy behind him and says with eyes fully bulged and drool dripping from his mouth:

"I'm wayyy knarlier than you bro". For no reason, and was laughing hysterically... In a really creepy not funny way, I thought there was going to be a fight... But...
The bouncer sees this other VIP (who he knows) is being harassed by someone I was vouching for, and announced that I could come in but the guy we brought couldn't enter the bar. So we left because his mind told him to announce his "knarliness" in a state of drunk-logic to a stranger who really just looked extremely confused.
by LalenaBella September 06, 2013
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