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a form of desperate seduction when under the influence of alcohol. not to be confused with an angry willis, the drunk conner is done with the use of a cell phone. the person utilizing the drunk conner first steals the cell phone of his target and purposely calls his own phone to secretively get the girl's number. then, at the end of the night, the seducer texts the target,"you're hot," as a last ditch effort to get some but ultimately fails.
Guy: Hey can I have your number?
Girl: No
(Guy discretely takes girl's phone and dials his own phone to get her number)
At the end of the night...
(Girl receives text message)
Girl: I got a text message!
Girl#2: What does it say!?
Girl#2: Oh no, looks like he just a pulled a drunk conner on you
by robert decker January 01, 2008
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