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any sex act that meets the following criteria:
1. It is performed in a seedy location, i.e., a parking lot, a Burger King bathroom, a public bus, or anywhere in New Jersey.
2. It is mutually casual to the extent that both (or all) parties involved can and do openly discuss the event with no shame, regret, embarrassment, or passion; though they may recall it fondly.
3. It nonetheless somehow scandalizes a third party who had nothing to do with the act.
Usage note: drunk calla is a non-count noun, meaning it isn't typically pluralized and takes no article ('a', 'an', or 'the'). Simply put: use the term as you would use the term head.
Remember the time we were so high on glint that you gave me drunk calla in line at the batting cages and my wife found out and left me?
by yogizmo September 07, 2010
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