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The act of driving about in a car late on a saturday night at about 3AM searching for drunken stragglers to torment by dowsing with water while racing past in said car.
In order to soak you victim you need a large plastic bottle with a hole peirced in the lid. just add water and place under the arm of the person in the passenger seat. the passenger then squeezes his arm down while aiming the hole at the poor victim to unleash a mighty stream of drunk-drenching power! always remember: If that drunk insults you after you drenched him...turn around and drench that fucker again!
Julien: "S'up man, wanna head to the bar?"
Steven: "Fuck no! Lets go Drunk Hunting!"
Vinny: "I'll drive"
by Colbey October 01, 2006
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