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When a guy at a party hits on drunk girls and pretends he's drunk too so they'll do sexual things for him without thinking he's using them, when in all actuality he's very much sober and will have no problem remembering everything that happened that night, unlike the drunk girl. If you see signs of this happening, it's automatically a party foul and makes you an instant creepers, by which someone should throw you out.
Becky: "omahgod johnny how you are you!!!!! i loooveee youuu!!!"

Jake: "omg hey!!! how are you!!! it's Jake btw, some party huh!"

Becky: "oooh yeahh like totaly im on my 4th margirita, im so loose right now!!!"

Jake: "ooh,...oh yeah me too! i just had uh, 13 beers i'm sooo drunk woooo!!! you're so hot, we should hook up since we're drunk and all!!!"

Becky: "oooh totally! i love me some drunk sex, its fun and no one remembers afterwards, its great! lets do it!"

Jake: *quietly says* least one of us will remember heh heh heh....

Becky: "wait, what did you say? you're not pulling a drunk houdini on me are you??"

Jake: "oh nothing! i said i can't wait to have drunk sex with you!!!" (in his head "ooooh yeah!!)
by OshKosh07 September 02, 2009
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