An overly sensitive girl who cries herself to sleep and likes BOTH types of cats (if you catch my drift ;) )

She's obsessed with BTS and is still a bit emo on the inside. She has a hard time staying in a relationship for a long time and is often called a thot by her friends.

Currently, she has a huge crush on jenna m and mike s both of whom are older than her. Just some bisexual problems. Both don't return feelings, however, because she looks like a greasy swine.

If you wish to befriend this socially awkward bean, just give her some food. Preferably, chocolate. If you wish to seek her out romantically, just step up and don't be awkward around her, otherwise she'll walk all over you and leave you in the dust with the rest.

She just wants friends.
girl: Who's that ugly little slime ball?
boy: Oh, that's just Dru C.
by thottae December 29, 2018
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(1)That one chick in my history class... what a Dru C.
(2)Dru C is taking over...
by Brett September 28, 2004
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