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1. This is a nice way to inform people that you just unleashed a nasty fart.
2. Sometimes one just wants to annoy the shit of of friends by dropping the smelliest, deadliest, fart. Unfortunately, many of these farts do not do well and don't smell that bad and are therefore flops. If you suceed in dropping a fart that commands the respect of others, than you can say you dropped a hit record.
3. Term can refer to the heavy bomb or the silent killer, even though it should be used more to inform others when they are not aware of the potency of the fart. For those that are nice, they can predict how well their record will do by predicting the lenght of stench, gold (more than 1 minute) or platinum (more than 2 minutes).
4. Not to be confused with a dropping a hit alblum which refers to dropping a nasty shit.
5. related to release party
1. damn kid, I just had 4 eggs and washed it down with two bean burritos
-yeah so
-well, i think about to drop a hit record
2. Dude mayne, am about to drop a platium hit record, u best be out.
by tmoney355198 December 10, 2007
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