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Like CamelCase, "dromedary case" refers to wordsStrungTogether withNoInitial capitalLetter. It is opposed to "camel case", which capitalizes the beginnings of *all* words, including the initial one.
Examples of words using dromedary case: dromedaryCase; secondExample; thirdExample
by n0r1 February 01, 2007
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A naming style primarily used by computer programmers in which names are compound words composed of initially capitalized words, including the first word, strung together into one word. It is a counterpart to "Camel Case," where the first word is lowercase.
John the programmer: Hey Mike, don't forget to write the first letter of "myName" in lowercase; it's Camel Case!
Mike the programmer: No, John. It's "MyName" because I am using Dromedary Case!
by phlofy July 05, 2018
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