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Droffass (draw-fuss) is an abbreviation originating from the phrases "drunk off your/my/his/her ass". To be broadly applicable the adjective in the phrase has been removed. Rarely is it written as "dr.offass", but has an increased tendency to be written as such in the wigger population.


The word generally describes someone so extremely drunk that they can not see straight, stand, speak (say no) or remember what happened the next day. Similar in meaning to wasted, shit faced, and trashed.
1.) "Man, I was so droffass last night I woke up in bed with the bathroom rugs as blankets"

2.) "we gettin' droffass"

3.) "Dude she is soo droffass you might actually have a chance!!!"

4. ) the idiot trying to dance on tables/peel their clothes off after a few drinks is droffass.
by kookat76 January 27, 2011
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