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A group of friends or people you hang out with that have deep knowledge of cocktails, beer, craft beer, wine or whiskey to help you make good drink selections, pairings, suggest appropriate codes of conduct and protocols for drinking or consuming alcoholic beverages. Members of this group should each specialize in a particular genre of alcohol. A more diverse group will make for a better drinktourage. A good drinktourage will impress outsiders and those with little or no knowledge of alcoholic beverages. It's a symbiotic relationship. You need them for their drink knowledge and they need you so they can utilize their drink knowledge. Both parties end up looking very cool.
While eating sea bass with my friends one evening, I chose a red wine for the table. My drinktourage quickly corrected me and ordered a White Bordeaux. Thank God for my drinktourage...they're the best.
by mostlymostly September 18, 2016
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