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A term which describes a condition that happens under the sea when fish describe heavy alcohol consumption. When they just want to go out and get hammered the old fashioned way. (Sometimes occurs after a trip to the blood bank.)

The legendary "Ralph" refers to a man who knows no limits to his good time, and just wants to forget about everything that doesn't smell like roses day after day. In folklore, the Ralph is extremely cerebral, but has to drink copious amounts of libations just to be able to relate to normal folks who enthrall themselves day after day in Ralph's facebook statuses. Usually the status verbiage refers to drinking or gun play.
dorrie: "hey you guys, what do you say that we go donate blood and then go drinking like a ralph?!"

nemo: "great idea i just took my mental evaluation for gun ownership, so i'm ready to go!"
by shannoneliot January 28, 2011
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