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Drunken Jenga (Jenga is an old game, played by stacking wooden blocks on top of each other, then pulling them out out by one. The one who topples them over loses.)
In Drenga, drinking rules are written onto the bottom or side of the blocks, and when you pull one out, you have to read the rule aloud and do what it says.
Some rules that could be used:
"chug a beer"
"dance on the table topless"
"give a lapdance to the person on your right for 20 seconds"
Contrary to normal (sober) Jenga, Drenga is best when played by five or more people, as a lot of people getting drunk is always more interesting than two or three people getting drunk.
"Dude, we're all going to Sue's house and playing Drenga, you in? It's gonna be hella tight with all those chicks getting drunk and doing dares!"
by Jerry from da block July 29, 2007
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