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She is the most awesomest person ever.She’s there with you through thick and thin and no matter what she never gives up.She can be mean but only if your mean to her.She can kick anybody’s butt.
by TCNL November 09, 2017
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Dreana is a really pretty outgoing girl. She is loving, caring, understandable & will always have your back especially her closest friend. she is spoiled. She is a brat.
She speaks her mind and is fearless. She is not a fighter but if anyone touch her she will definitely beat that ass. When it comes to love she loves hard.

Friends only have one choice. Be real or get lost. There is isn’t any no in her. Loves family and life. Likes to have fun. Has a really nice ass & tits ! Men love Dreana. Smart ! Crazy ! voice annoying ! Just all around crazy ! Pussy tight & good !
Dreana is Awesome
by ddg squad June 07, 2018
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