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(usually) attractive girl who behaves like a semi-nerdy boy.

Prissy gossiping girls make no sense to her and hence she often gravitates and becomes close to males who share her interests. (fantasy, movies, comics, semi-geeky but interesting stuff)

she is usually a tomboy. The males she views as friends usually all wish to sleep with her though she cannot see this and beleives herself to be completelly unattractive to the opposite sex due to her "non-femmeninity".
"Hey who's that beautifull girl there with the jumper around her waist and the powermetal patches on her bag?"

"thats Amy, shes a dragongirl...I went to her house hoping to get intimate but she just showed me her longbow and ninja stars then we played some game cube..."

(both parties sigh)

(dragongirl) Yoda or skelletor?
(male friend)Yoda for sure
(dragongirl) Yea, for sure...
(male friend) you know, you're really hot
(dragongirl) WHAT ?!?!?!
(male friend) ya, he he

(awkward silence)
by Marcus Ditzel September 22, 2006
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