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A person who wears large black hoodies with dragons, flames, or spikey designs on them. Their hoodies and jeans are usually J'NCO brand, but there are some exceptions. They wear the message shirts that say things such as, "Keep Staring. I might do a trick." and "I've lost my mind and gone to find it." They usually don't take showers a lot, or brush their hair. They usually come in packs, and talk about ICP and Slipknot. They sometimes play hackey sack. The packs usually do random things such as take turns punching each other, or trying to run up walls. They seem to like the rain and snow because they stand outside in their packs and prance around in it. They sometimes claim that they are punk or goth, but they don't fit in with either group. They're just dirty dragon hoodies.
Devin is totally king of the dragon hoodies because he's obsessed with Insane Clown Posse.

Ew, silly dragon, please take a shower.

Joey isn't a dragon hoodie! He takes showers and wears bands shirts!

Why are the dragon hoodies outside? Don't they know it's snowing. They're not wearing coats, and they have short sleeves on.

by Abbi Berta January 22, 2006
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