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A Draftsman is a person employed in the engineering field who draws lines for the engineer. This person is usually someone who couldn't cut it in school as an engineer due to their lack of intellect and problem solving skills, hence they employ their coloring book skills and draw lines and circles for engineers.

Draftsmen are usually bitter, and pissed off because they know that they will be limited to drawing lines and being the engineer's bitch. When possible, Draftsmen try to fool others into thinking they are actual engineers.
Draftsmen are almost always mentally unstable and are incredibly difficult to work with.
The majority of draftsmen can't spell.
Dude, that guy is such an asshole! Why is he so pissed off about life? ...Oh. Shit, I didn't know he was a draftsman.
My bad.
by Captain Meathole December 01, 2017
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