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1. tendancy to steal boyfriends while still maintaining an incredibly ugly appearance.

2. looking somewhat decent in appearance from far away, but upon further, up close examination revealing extremely largeforehead and un-closable mouth.

3. resembling,in girth and facial features, that of a horse.
Devin P has some strong DPSyndrome, we were so grossed out.

"That girl over there looked so hot until she walked up to talk to me and started neighing when she spoke--she must have dp syndrome"
by DP hatazzzz August 04, 2008
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This syndrome was discovered by valid scientists A.L. and J.S. after learning that the common man who gets rejected by a fairly attractive girl then ends up dating a monstrosity despite his friends interventions. This syndrome is named after the original subject, D.P.
"What does he have? DP Syndrome?!"
by Jay Suntarus April 23, 2008
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