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The home of truly every thot wanna be thug and redneck in the 225. If you’re not smoking weed by 8th grade year you aren’t from here.

You have to pop a Xanax or smoke weed before school or you aren’t cool. And if you’re parents ain’t rich you ain’t shit.

85% of the female population has sent nudes to everyone and their cousins. It’s not like a real school due to everyone roaming around aimlessly accomplishing nothing but somehow getting a diploma! If you don’t weld then fuck you and the cousin you rode in on! Because welding is the shit!

You have to play your music as loud as possible and rev your clapped out piece of shit truck in the parking lot to get attention from the cousin who wouldn’t fuck you last week and make her jealous that the cousin from the other side is checking you out.

If coach don’t like you you’re fucked, cause he gonna get you from that untucked illegal pull over while mentioning the three blonde hairs coming out of your chin.

Our girls aren’t comparable to Brittany Spears on crack. Go a town over to Walker and they got super model looking bitches while we stuck with this shit!

Dipping in school is a must. Pack you a fatty in the bathroom then spit it in your Dr.Pepper bottle or swallow it! Also #RIPDevon. A fallen dipping brother.

And always remember. don’t rob a courthouse and people won’t have to rev for you!
Doyle kid 1: Hey man, let’s go to the library and study up for that test!

Doyle kid 2: FUCK NO! This is Doyle highschool we don’t have to do any real learning it’s a fake school dumbass!
by LPT420 May 20, 2018
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