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One of the nicest places in Queens. You are a train ride away from Manhattan & a few short steps from long island. Everyone that is Catholic went to St. Francis Prep or St. Marys--while the rest of the populaton attended Cardozo High School. unlike everyone else there, we're actually zoned to go thereYou hated taking the bus because the bus stop was miles away from your actual house. You've grown up with everyone from your neighborhood and can identify them by what street they live on. You've been to the Douglaston Memorial Day Parade or the St. Anastaia Carnival more then once. You know what the club is and know people that are members. When you finally grew up and didn't have to sneak hanging out at Bay Terrace, by the bay or drinking at one of your Manor friend's houses, you started haninging out at BK Sweeneys. You get insulted when people say you're from Little Neck and you can't figure out how if you're from queens its quicker to drive to any place on long island then some place in your borough. You went to PS98 and not PS221. You know that trademarks of your town are the BIG Toys 'r Us or the fact that the Manor is now "historical site". Everyone knows everybody and everyones business. Nooene ever heard of your town and but you're proud of it.
Douglaston Douglaston Douglaston Douglaston, Queens!!
by douglastonbaby January 05, 2006
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