Common liberal-blog nickname for "Liberal Fascism" author Jonah Goldberg. Coined May 2004 by norbizness of
"Some people seem to think we hate Jonah Goldberg.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. First of all, the Doughy Pantload has given us hundreds of hours of entertainment; in his official role as Village Idiot of the Internet, he never ceases to amuse us with his falling off of walls, tumbling into ditches, and trying to come up with smart things to say when he’d really rather be at home watching Deep Space Nine DVDs."

-Mister Leonard Pierce of
by Alex Eschate August 14, 2008
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Moniker given to National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg by the left-wing blogosphere.
Have you checked out Doughy Pantload's book, Liberal Fascism? What a pile of shit.
by odds_fish August 27, 2008
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