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a master of the douche. this person takes douchebaggery to a whole new level of wtf. they have a knack for "slinging douche" like the skills of a fast paced disc jockey.
"hey bro, I am gonna go tanning, be back in 2 hours" : Damn dude, why are you such a douchejockey?
by el douche-o August 04, 2009
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1. Famous djs who are djs because they are famous. Have no idea what talent is required in a dj booth because they are too busy being famous.

2. People who use their money, fame or influence to fuck up a party for everyone else because they want to hear what they want to hear.
1. "Paris Hilton claims to be a top 5 dj, and I agree, she is one of the top 5 douche jockeys in the world!"

2. "I wish those douche jockeys in VIP would stop getting my favorite dj kicked off the decks because he's not playing Flo-Rida."
by FunkyVs December 26, 2013
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