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A douchebunny is an individual who is like a douche, but a crappy one. It describes a person who tries to be an awesome macho man, but ends up just embarrassing themselves and their peers, which is a douche, but even more pathetic. Adding the "bunny" to the "douche" gives the person an even lower self esteem because the bunny is a little, helpless, insignificant, and tiny creature rather than an awesome beast like a fire-breathing dragon or a tiger for instance.

Adding "dragon" or "tiger" to "douche", for example; a "douchedragon" or "douchetiger" would still be a douche, but an awesome douche that rocks it. A douchebunny just needs to curl up into it's little bunny hole and leave the others alone.
"You're such a douchebunny! Just a little douchebunny, go hop away."
by Abbiesaurusrex December 19, 2009
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